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From Heath D. Alberts, C.E.O.:

As I sat down this afternoon and considered what I would like to write to officially introduce our company to the world at large, I kept coming back to considering the events that led us to this point, namely the birth of a new business endeavor.

Thirteen years ago, I married a woman whom I knew was something beyond special. And for each and every moment of those thirteen years, she has proven time and time again what a truly prescient decision that was.

Likewise, I am very frugal when it comes to forming lasting friendships. Dave Block is someone I have known most of my life. We grew up in the same neighborhood, and for a long time it was said in jest that I was the third Block son. That should tell you about the copious amount of time we spent together in our formative years.

Jim Gade was a later addition to the menagerie. A shy, kind fellow whom I met through a mutual acquaintance, I never truly got to know him half as well as I now wish I had. Nevertheless, we had an amicable relationship that has lasted to this day.

For the past fifteen years, I have been involved in the evolution of a company from a one man enterprise in a garage, to a multi-million dollar key player in the high-end contract manufacturing world, employing twenty-eight individuals. I was fortunate to be tapped at a young age by a long-time mentor to assist in growing the business by adding to it the knowledge and expertise that I posessed. And it’s proven to have been a good decision for both parties.

As I have become older, and more mature, I have developed a sense for business that allows me to discern when an opportunity is knocking. This was the case when I successfully flipped my first house with my wife, an was also the case when I published my first novel.

My wife, likewise, has developed this same sense, as she has spent her working years gaining certifications and vast expertise in her chosen field of law.

Nearly eighteen months ago, I did the unthinkable: I joined FaceBook. Even my wife was shocked. I did it more out of a sense of curiosity than anything else. And now I can’t imagine life without it. I have reconnected with so many interesting, intelligent, and friendly folks that I just assumed out of hand had been lost that it has become a vital and intrinsic part of my day to day life in a very positive way.

This is what led me to reconnect with the individuals mentioned above. As I conversed and caught up with them, it began to dawn on me that there might be an opportunity staring me full in the face. Out of hand, I tossed out the idea that it might be fun to start a company, and offer media services, based on our unique backgrounds, which could come together to offer the public at large something far greater – and more valuable – than the whole.

I didn’t think too much more of it, until there were responses. And not just responses, but excited responses. They not only thought it was something they might like to try, they also thought I might be on to something.

The more we discussed it, the more it became clear that we had the knowledge, tools, equipment, software and talent to succeed in such an endeavor. A brainstorming session was held at our home, and before it was even finished, I knew we were going to move forward with the idea.

Two months ago, we performed a Guerrila Marketing experiment on FaceBook. We hyped and hinted, but never told anyone what we were up to. By the time we made the formal announcement, days later, we had proven that outside-the-margins marketing was something we could be exceedingly adept at. The frenzied individuals spoke volumes.

During the following weeks, I began doing what I do best: Working on building a business. Jim began logo design, and Wanda also began working on marketing strategy, social media sites, and our web site. Dave began looking into numerous things that the rest of us knew nothing about, and by the second meeting we had a fairly solid notion of where we were taking the business.

What we hope to achieve is this: We want every business owner – large or small – to have the services and expertise of a full-blown marketing and advertising firm at their disposal on an a la carte basis. This allows them to utilize only the facets of what we offer that are relavant to their needs, and to do so with maximum effect, via our depth of unique and varied expertise and experience – all without hiring a single employee to work a single hour on these types of projects.


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