Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?

Want more exposure in your neighborhood or town? Use the age-old trick of the flyer. They’re inexpensive to produce (a word processor, typewriter, scissors and glue, or any combination work as well as fancy graphic arts for these), and you can place them on (not in! – they’re not mail!) mailboxes and on doors while you and or your dog/cat/family take a stroll through the neighborhood! Can’t find the time? Find a reputable young person looking to make a few extra dollars to do it – or to expand your territory. While you may not get a ton of response, the response that you do get should more than cover your costs and time. And almost guarantee some profit as well!

Remember: Before just diving in, make sure that you contact your local officiating entity for your prefecture to make certain that there are no ordinances or laws prohibiting your doing the above – obey the rules!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 3, 2011.

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