Become A Leader In Your Niche – And Reap The Rewards

This one is a little more daring, but viable, nonetheless. offers self-publishing services via their CreateSpace arm. You can actually submit a digital manuscript to them, use their cover designer, and print a book – all for just under a hundred bucks. Why bother? Well, if you have something authoritative to offer, the book doesn’t have to be long – just relevant. Imagine being the individual who literally “wrote the book” on something? Again, this isn’t for everyone – but oh, what a marketing tool! Plus, if it’s good enough, you’ll even make a few extra bucks when the book sells. You can also set it up for Kindle, and even sell copies wherever your products are sold. Want to do it, but need help? Ask the Digital Ninjas – we’ve done it before!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 6, 2011.

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