Guerrilla Branding: The Ultimate Goal

When was the last time you purchased facial tissues? Soda crackers? Made a copy? Well, if you’re like me (and God help you, if you are), you buy Kleenex and Saltines, and Xerox something. The difference? The marketing is so well engrained into those products that their name has become not only synonymous with the product, but a ubiquitous moniker of it as well. So how to make this work for you? I’ll take a couple of examples from our friends on FaceBook here, since they’ve been gracious enough to participate through that medium: What if Polly Workinger, instead of selling handbags, created a guerrilla brand – something like, “It’s A Polly!“. Over time, it may become synonymous with sassy handbags on a local level. Likewise, one could choose Patricia Boyles’ employer, Tures & Associates tax preparation and planning. Instead of preparing your taxes, what if your “Taxes Were Tures’d“. Both instances roll off the tongue and are a lot more fun to say. Now, how can you apply this principle to YOUR product, to make it a brand as well?


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 6, 2011.

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