FaceBook Ads: Our Misunderstood Friend

FaceBook Ads: our often misunderstood friend.

FaceBook is, at its core, a difference engine. It takes vast amount of data and parses them out to the nth degree to allow advertisers the opportunity to laser-guide their advertising to a degree heretofore unimaginable.

This is where you – and your business – come in. It has been said that it requires as many as THIRTEEN TIMES for you to get in front of someone’s eyeballs screaming, “Hey! Look at Me! Look what I can do!” before they suddenly snap out of their advertising-induced coma and notice you. That being said, it offers you an opportunity to choose not only your potential – or intended – viewership, but also your price point for doing so.

And that’s where it gets tricky. Here’s what my experience was:

I chose to really drill-down and market my book to an extremely limited market of individuals. I chose a median price point, and had over 1,700 views and 69 click-throughs at a cost of just about $11.00 in total (I’m cheap when I’m experimenting.) The beauty? 1,700 people saw my ad, and I only got charged for 69 of them. Or, possibly, several hundred saw my ad several times – now I’m beginning to find a place in their mind – also good.

I then tapered it back to something like .10 cents, and the views went waaaaaay down. But they still arrived, nonetheless. Interesting, I thought.

In conclusion, here’s my advice: Every business is different. That being said, choose your core market – and only your core market – to target first (unless you’re rich, then do whatever.) Try shooting for a REASONABLE RATE that fits your needs. It often fluctuates wildly from hour to hour, and day to day – don’t panic. It DOES come down – often – if the group is ‘tight’ enough in scope.

And feel free to play – choose .02 cents a click, and see what happens. You can fund that from your car seats or couch cushions. And there’s always a cap that you set for maximum daily click-throughs – so set it wisely.

Happy advertising! Need help? That’s what Digital Ninjas Media is here for!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 8, 2011.

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