Computer Health Can Make Or Break Your Business

Would you pack a wound with feces? Would you have random, unprotected sex? No? Me either. So why would you do the same for you computer? When you run a business, your computer is, oftentimes, at least somewhat involved in the process – if not potentially all of it. So protect it like you would one of your children (okay, to be fair you wouldn’t download something to a kid, or put a CD in his/her mouth [not again, after all that trouble with DCFS the first go-round, anyway]). But I digress.

Running a virus scanner and internet security program is VITAL not only to protecting yourself, but protecting those you interact with as well. I remember one instance where a third-party vendor – completely unbeknownst to him – introduced a pair of viruses into a system I was working on at a former employer. When it was all said and done, the hard drive was toast, and the damage was irrevocable. Guess who we stopped using?

I personally recommend McAfee – of the pay software suites, it’s the one that’s worked best for me. I’ve used Norton for a decade, and find it clunky, and prone to flaking out. Also, don’t be psyched into buying more than you need – anti-virus, e-mail, and web protection is it – the other stuff ends up being – in my opinion – bloatware.

If you absolutely can’t purchase software, there are free options as well: AVG and Avast! are both decent choices, in my experience. But I still prefer McAfee.

Want to clean up your computer to get it running like a champ again? Glary Utilities can help! It’s free, and it’s amazing, and you should have it on every PC you own.

So who am I to tell you these things? Well, I’ve been working on PC’s for more than 19 years: building them, repairing them, recovering them. So I’ve been around the block. But don’t listen to me if you don’t want to – lots of people don’t. Talk to your friends – but make sure they’re KNOWLEDGEABLE about the subject. Bad advice can ruin a friendship.

So, protect your computer! If you don’t, no one else will.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 9, 2011.

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