Make The Most Of Your Business Cards

Business cards have a backside – just like all of us (unless you’re in a sideshow, then I’m sorry for offending you.) So why do so few individuals leave them blank? Perhaps they don’t know what in the world to put back there. I have a suggestion, because I’m self-promotional, and like to see myself type.

On the back of the Digital Ninjas Media cards, we have individual, robust, QR codes, and our mission statement. It’s a great way to show our clients something more than just a name and a pretty picture and – in the age of SmartPhones – allows them to take our data and integrate it into their lives at the touch of a screen.

So next time you decide to purchase cards, think long and hard about filling that extra space in the rear! (I know, I know but – please – no jokes. I’ve already stopped myself twice. And if I can’t make them, then you have to restrain yourself as well.)


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 9, 2011.

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