Turn Something Of Questionable Taste Into Something Brilliant

This idea is a little out of season. But – to be fair – I can’t be responsible for when ideas strike. I’m actually just thankful that my brain keeps cranking these out, or this blog would be pretty mundane, boring, and populated by tumbleweeds, and Weird uncle Pete looking for… never mind.

So, getting back to the idea: Everyone’s seen those mostly stupid-looking (yeah, you heard me – cope) cardboard window thingees to keep the sun out of your car. How about finding a blank one – or blanking one out, and doing society a favor. I mean, do we really needs an 80’s-esque collage of flamingos and… what? Alright, alright. My wife says, “Get to the point, and stop ranting.”

So, what if you ‘modified’ one to be a billboard for your business? Every time you used it, someone would see it, and your car stays cool (figuratively and literally, because now the flamingos are gone.)

You might even consider giving some to your relatives and friends to gain even more exposure. What have you got to lose? (Except those stupid fla… ouch! She pinched me! I can’t believe she pinched me! And now she’s dragging me… hey… HEY, I….


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 9, 2011.

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