Extra! Extra! Read All About It! – But Only If You Make It Happen

Press releases. Everyone’s heard of them, but how many of you know what they REALLY are, or how to make one? Hands? Anyone? Weird Uncle Pete, you only need to put one hand up, thanks.

Okay, so some of you know – and some of you don’t. And that’s okay! We can write an amazing press release for you, if you need help. And, if not, then here are some pointers for you to consider when crafting your own:

– The press release is like a partial resume for your business. It outlines an experience or information about who you are, and what you’re up to.

– Make it interesting! No one cares if you sold two widgets this month. What they care about is WHY that’s compelling. Tell a story, and draw your audience in.

– Issue a press release quarterly. That’s right – I said quarterly. Make it fresh, interesting, and relevant. Not everyone will print it. In point of fact, no one may. But that’s okay! You’re only out a stamp, and you’ve gained further experience toward writing the next one.

– Make sure you format it correctly, and get it into the right hands! Botching either could make your whole effort an exercise in futility.

– Words are incredibly powerful tools. So use them well, and use them wisely. Often, when we work on resumes for individuals, we find that what they think is an amazing resume is really a study in poor writing skills. It’s not their fault – they do what they do, and do it well. And if they’re not writers, then it’s almost to be expected. We spend copious amounts of time crafting a perfect resume. One that uses all the right words, has a fluid dynamic to it, and is succinct while still being informative and engaging. And it’s a skill – and a difficult one to master, at that.

As a published author myself (see how I keep working that in until you’re sick of hearing it?), I learn something every time I sit down to write. I write a blog, I write for this page, and I handle all the correspondence for my day job as well. So if you’re genuinely interested in writing better, then practice, practice, practice! Start a blog, if for no other reason than to muse on the days happenings and hone your writing skill by considering how to make your otherwise boring day seem interesting. And – who knows – as you gain skill and become more adept, you might even pick up readership, or find a niche to focus on when writing.


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