An Aside, And A Little Reflection On My Morning

An “Aside” update for the morning:

I spent over two hours this morning seeking out Guerrilla Marketing blogs and articles. Specifically, I Googled “Guerrilla Marketing Tips”.

I developed a clear, concise, response to them as a post-able comment, and posted them wherever possible. What did I notice? After about the fifteenth one, I found that I was seeing some order to the madness of who was commenting. Two or three individuals had clearly done what I was doing – but that was all. In fact, on some pages, I was the ONLY comment.

So, what does this mean? It means that, like two of those folks I hadn’t heard of, someone might take the time to track ME and MY BUSINESS down, as I did theirs. Will it come to anything? Who knows? Was it worth the couple hours listening to music and geeking? I think so.

Try it with your business, or your ‘zone of knowledge’.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 16, 2011.

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