Visual Guerilla Marketing: Don’t Miss Your Opportunity!

Are you planning a public advertisement? Why not make it interactive? Here’s what I mean:

Say you’re doing a billboard, or a window poster, or whatever. Create an area where an individual can stand and be photographed. I’ve seen things like giant afro wigs, silly costumes, etc.

(Here’s a link to a PHENOMENAL collection of them: Click Here!)

An ad like this does two things: It acts as an ad normally would (duh!), but it also gets individuals to consider it more closely, and for a longer period of time. When they interact with it, hopefully they’ll take a picture to show their friends, post on a social sight or blog, or just to ‘make Mom proud’ (can you hear the facetiousness in that last one?) And in that picture, why – it’s your LOGO and SLOGAN!

So, the next time you’re spending hard-earned advertising money, make it go even farther – with a visually interactive ad!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 19, 2011.

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