Turn Your Weekly Trash Experience Into An Opportunity

Would you be surprised to learn that, on 104 weekdays per year you were missing an advertising opportunity? It’s true! Let’s talk for a minute about… your garbage cans.

All right, is everyone done rolling their eyes, and saying, “Ewwww!” Okay then… what? No, Weird Uncle Pete, this is most certainly NOT a fetish post. Don’t you have somewhere to be?


As I was saying: Your garbage cans are, potentially, blank slates for advertising. For those of you who do not provide your own, you might be out of luck here. But for folks like me – keep reading! What if you took them and spruced them up; made them a showpiece, and a visual statement begging for eyeballs – defying them NOT to look?

Sure, it's kind of odd. But I'm guessing that you could work a slogan into the mix to alleviate some of the gross, and move the needle on the meter closer to the 'clever' range. How? How about something like this:

"If what you're buying ends up here, then you're not buying the right stuff!"

Who WOULDN'T laugh (or take a picture, etc.) if they saw that? So try it! All it costs is some paint, creativity, and an hour or two.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 23, 2011.

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