“Number Ten…”

David Letterman is funny. Okay, not all the time. And, to be fair, it’s probably his writers who are due a goodly share of the credit. But still – he’s funny.

And if you’ve ever watched his show (and I’m guessing that you have, at least once) then you know all about his staple, ‘Top Ten’ lists. Now I’ll grant you that, at times, they’re pretty lame. But sometimes they make the leap from lame to brilliantly funny. This is where our focus lies.

You need a ‘Top Ten’ list of your own. One you can print out and leave places, give to potential customers, or post on your web site. And, if you want it to stick or – better still – go viral, it needs to be GOOD. Really, REALLY, good. So how do you take an individual (that’s you) and make them hilarious? You work at it; you painstakingly craft the humor.

Let’s start at the beginning: What makes your product or service superior? What makes yours stand out among them all? What makes YOU different? Make lists. Several, if need be. These will be your ‘jumping-off’ points. When you’re done, choose the ten most poignant; the most important ones. These have now achieved list-worthy status.

So, now, you have your list. We just need to bring the funny to the table. Take each item in turn and, if you get stuck, come back to it. A truly humorous endeavor like this can, believe it or not, take hours or even days because, well: Being funny is hard.

Let’s create an example. I’m selling, “Weird Uncle Pete’s Smooth-As-Silk Sock Garters”. It’s a terrible product that probably no one wants, so it’s a challenge. One of the hypothetical selling points will be that they don’t chafe, like those other sock garters do. Again – droll and extremely product-specific. We’re still going to make it funny. I’m making an assumption now: this product caters to older men on the go. It may not be true, but I need a focus for my humor – sort of a ‘humor bulls-eye’.

And just so you know: I’m creating these hypothetical situations immediately out of my head, to pose for myself a challenge, like the one you will face. Here’s how we make it funny:

“Doesn’t chafe like those other brands – or your in-laws.”

Is it hilarious? Not really, no. But we’re at least on the road to funny. And this is just off the cuff. What else can we do with this one premise? Here’s some other examples: some not so ‘G’ rated:

“The only chafing sensation you’ll feel with our garters, is the one from the lap-dancing Hooker.”
“The chafing sensation is due to the Viagra – not our garters.”
“Chafes less than your trophy wife’s butchering of the English language.”

And this is all in a 3-minute span. Imagine if I weren’t so lazy?

So get cracking, get a list, and most important of all: Get funny.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 25, 2011.

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