Unleash Your Inner Guerrilla

In case you haven’t noticed, Guerrilla Marketing isn’t always easy. In fact, for me, it often runs well outside my comfort zone. It offers insane, zany, and weird ways to get the attention of folks around you who probably have no idea who in the hell you are. And to some – like myself – this is counter-intuitive. In fact, I prefer to be as low profile as possible. Or, at least, I did. Until…

After ten years of dragging my feet, making excuses, fearing judgement, and being embarrassed, I published my book. And if you want to talk about a very personal experience, that one ranks right up there. I put a piece of myself out for the world at large to have it’s way with. And, to market it, I had to put more of myself yet out.

What I discovered along the way is this: You can’t care what individuals think, unless they’ve been true friends, in a meaningful way, for a substantial period of time. Then – and only then – should you consider their concerns. Everyone else hasn’t made a difference in your life yet, so they haven’t earned the right to belittle you successfully. So let your ego go. It’s MUCH easier said than done. Believe me: I know.

Guerrilla Marketing is a harsh mistress. I won’t even sugar-coat it. Very few people are the types of free-spirits who just dive into it and feel like they’re finding something, rather than losing it. To you folks, I say: This is one time where I wish I was you.

But, I’m not. So I closed my eyes, told myself I could do this, kept my true friends close, and just did it. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad, once I set that ground rule. In fact, I found that after months of discomfort and struggle, there was more positive feedback than negative (which hurt, but not too much when I considered the source and remembered my rule). I can’t guarantee that that will be your experience, but I can tell you this: I would be a lesser person if I had deprived myself of those moments of pride and elation that comes from individuals genuinely pleased with my work.

So break out of that mold that is ‘you today’. And become that ‘you tomorrow’ that’s stuck in there. It’s worth it. I promise.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 28, 2011.

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