Infect The World – With Viral Video (What Did You THINK I Meant?!?)

Let’s take a moment today to talk about a more and more consistent phenomena: That of the viral video. For those of you who do not know what I’m speaking of, here’s a two second lesson: They’re those funny/cute/stupid videos that your Aunt Fran is always shot-gunning out to everyone in her mailing list. “Oh, THOSE!” you say?


Ever wonder how those videos got so popular? If it isn’t obvious, it’s because they’re giving something, without necessarily getting something in return. Which is all well and good for the hobbyist or shut-in. But, I’m assuming that you are neither. I’m assuming that you’re in business to make money. I know I sure am.

So, the question becomes, “How do I make this phenomena work for me?”

I’m ever so tickled that you inquired! Find some videos that have stuck in your brain’s memory banks. Now, think of how you can create and present a video similar to that, or in a similar style. For me, it’s all about funny. I’m not about to risk my tuchus blowing myself up with airbags, or shooting bottle rockets out of my teeth… again. So my answer is to make something funny, but include advertising as well, front and center.

Currently, we here at Digital Ninjas Media are in the process of writing, for ourselves, just such a webmercial. It involves a ninja whose training is no longer in demand, so she has to get a day job. We plan on making it silly, and something that you would feel compelled to show to those that you know. And what will that do? It will assist us with the ongoing war known as ‘branding’. It will perpetuate – and virally disperse – who we are: The Gang at Digital Ninjas Media, Inc.

So, I would encourage you to noodle this over. Perhaps you could put together a how-to video, a music video, a skit, or some other interesting or insane piece of videography to tout – and further – your own business.

Try it!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on October 31, 2011.

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