Refresh The Public – And Your Business

Here’s a cheap and easy summer idea. For those of you rolling your eyes because it’s November, I apologize, but also say again: I can’t control when inspiration hits. My brain is a scary place. Not as scary as Weird Uncle Pete’s is, mind you – it’s a veritable horror show in there.

If you live near a busy bike path, like I do, how about setting up a free, cold water stand alongside it? You could purchase some inexpensive cups, and either have gallons of water on ice in a cooler or, you could bring a 5-gallon cooler with you if you had a car cigarette lighter and could park next to the path.

Or how about a free popsicle stand? You could purchase some bulk packs of tubular popsicles and hand them out to passers-by. Encouraging them, of course, not to litter when they’re done!

Stick around for several hours, with your company information (i.e. – “This stand brought to you by the friendly folks at >Your Company Name Here<!") front and center (and more handy, should someone want a card!), and see how many friends you make!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on November 1, 2011.

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