Your License To Be Creative

As I’m driving around town, I find that I’m gaining knowledge from other drivers around me without even really thinking about it. I know the tan SUV in front of me may very well contain Megan’s Mom. I know that the dude next to me in the destroyed ’82 Camaro is totally into Zeppelin. And I know that the guy I passed two cars back is most likely a Realtor. How do I know all of these things? Simple – their license plates told me so.

What do your license plates tell people? What? Nothing, you say? Well, why not? If your vehicle – personal or business – is out and about a lot, it might be worth adding this one little touch to the front and back of your vehicle. They’re conversation starters, they can be funny, or they can just say what you do or sell. If folks see them enough, they might even ask questions, “Hey! What does that mean?” etc.

One thing you will want to avoid, however, is the clearly identifiable bad motorist syndrome. My wife can tell me who drives like a douche-canoe on her way to work anytime we see them out and about. Why? Because of their vanity plates. So make sure that you don’t fall into THAT category. Because my wife still has plenty of distaste to go around.

Happy motoring!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on November 2, 2011.

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