All A-Board!

All A-board! No, no – not ABOARD – A-Board! A-boards can be a great way to increase visibility for your business in a perpendicular manner.

“Heath,” I hear you saying, “What in the WHOOSAFUDGE does that even mean?”

Here’s the low-down:

If your storefront is located in a cityscape, then most likely you’re visibility is limited to a straight-on view of your place of business. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you have a sign that hangs over the shop perpendicularly so as to gain more eyeballs in a 90º plane. But – typically – that’s up high.

And you might not even be lucky enough to have that much going for you. Enter: the A-Board. These are simple creations that have two sides, with some sort of hinge mechanism at the top. You’ve seen them before outside of bistros and coffee houses, advertising the day’s specials. And they work for THOSE businesses – so why not yours?

I recommend developing either one, or a series, which can be changed or manipulated over time. Chalk board paint, floating letter channels, or a hook and plate system are all ways to make this happen, without having to go through a major overhaul or, have a ton of the things on hand for all occasions.

Further, you can make you’re a-board stand out by taking the marketing premise from two dimensional to three. Imagine one in the shape of a woman: you could put a skirt on her that blows up in the wind, revealing a message. Or you could cut a hole in the boards, put a pair of flap overalls on it (making it look like someone is farting when the wind blows). There are so many things you can do, if you just put your mind – and imagination to it.

All A-Board!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on November 4, 2011.

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