Your Credit Card: Marketing Everywhere You Want To Be

Credit Cards: They’re everywhere. And they come in all flavors: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Plum, Unicorn, Hippo, and on and on. To me, it’s a big bunch of insane nothingness perpetrated on the populace in an effort to make them feel better than someone else. But hey – that’s just my opinion.

All right: Back on topic. Some credit card companies allow you to ‘customize’ what’s on the card. It’s a small way for you to feel like you’re in control. And, for most, that’s the place they want to be, even if it’s only achieved via a cursory feeling.

So, most folks choose to put something important to them on it: Little Frank’s t-ball picture, a favorite piece of artwork, poodles – in the case of Weird Uncle Pete. As a business owner, this is an opportunity for you to put a conversation starter on the card. Make it pop. If you’ve got something on there that can somehow tie back to your business AND get the attention of the cashier, then you’ve just completed a marketing circuit.

It’s a small victory, I’ll grant you. But it’s one that’s simple to achieve.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on November 6, 2011.

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