Make A Public Spectacle Of Yourself

Recently, I was at a regional sporting event. Specifically, a Hockey game, if you must know. Two beers, and one period down, I found myself visually exploring my surroundings. The Jumbo-Vision-Thingee came to life with real-time pictures of folks being wacky, dancing, etc. In fact, the more they shook their money makers, the more the cameras took notice and zoomed on in.

This phenomenon got me thinking: Is there a way to capitalize on all those eyeballs? Scratch that – all those FREE eyeballs?

Of course there is! How? Here are a couple of ideas:

If you have t-shirts that are legible, why not wear one to the game? It not only makes sense because of all those good fans who will see it while you’re walking around (if even for the briefest of moments), but also because you could potentially get it on the big screen.

Want more? What if you made a sign, something like: “Digital Ninjas Media Loves #46*!”

*(I have no idea who – if anyone – that is. It’s just an example for the purposes of supposition.)

Use your imagination, and have fun while you’re enjoying the game!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on November 9, 2011.

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