Unicorn Advice, Insurance Cults, And You

Already have a web site? Great! Already have a FAKE web site? What? You don’t? Well then, listen up!

Some of the most popular movements have been viral ones. Even further, some were never meant to be movements in the first place. They just sort of happened. And this leads me to today’s thought: why not develop a fake web site? And I don’t mean something that LOOKS like a web site. I mean something that is a web site, but also doesn’t take itself seriously.

I can hear your confusion. Let’s create some examples: “Consult A Unicorn”; “Plumbing Tips With The Easter Bunny”; “Hair Advice For Young Witches”. See where I’m going with this?

If you can provide some insane content, your site may go viral. And the only one who won’t have to pay to advertise on it is you. Others may wish to, and this is where the site begins to pay for itself. Let’s be frank: Web sites are relatively inexpensive to host, if you do them yourself. The money part usually comes from creating killer graphics, interfaces, and content. This means you’ll need to do a lot of the work from the get-go. Can’t do it yourself? Consult someone who can, but lay out your expectations: keep it simple, keep it simple, and keep it simple. This will keep costs down, and get you up and running quicker.

Even if you don’t want to go whole-hog at first, you can also develop a ‘sub-site’. This is a page on an existing site that LOOKS like a new index.htm page but is, in fact, a sub-section all unto itself. These will cost you NOTHING more to host and may even be better for you as it will be inalienably tied to the anchor page: YOUR page.

Sound like too much work? Can’t tell a floppy drive from a USB port? Alright, let’s try another tactic in the same vein, then: What if you created a FaceBook page devoted to something odd? How about, “The Cult of Flo: the Progressive Insurance Girl.” Yeah – it’s crazy. But I can guarantee that someone will join. And, others will follow, if the content is sound, consistent, and resounding.

The biggest things to remember are that you’re making a commitment of time that you had better consider beforehand. Likewise, your monetary resources may be tapped to some degree, and you need to make sure that anything you do falls into the ‘approved’ column – and follows all the rules – of wherever or however you do it. Don’t infringe on copyright, don’t commit fraud, and don’t do anything stupid like teach kids how to make Plutonium* in their kitchen.

*(But if you know how, you can totally send me an e-mail about it.)

Have fun! Be wacky! Wield your creative license like a broadsword!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on November 13, 2011.

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