Get Your Business Band! (Pun Totally Intended)

Have a band? No? Know someone who does? No? Okay then, think about how unlucky you are while I proselytize to the rest of the good folks here.
All right – are you in a band, or do you know someone who is? How much do they love you, and how talented are they? Why? Because both are about to come into play with what I’m about to suggest: Write a song. Write a song about your business that is either highly catchy and memorable or (easier still) funny. Then record it. Amateur recording is fine, in this instance, but semi-professional would be the Holy Grail.

Then you can (at the very least) either hand out CD’s of the song in your store, to your clients with your business card, etc. Or, what I would suggest, you can post it on-line, on your web site, FaceBook page, etc. If it’s good enough, it will make its own way into the world. If not, well – then all you’re out is some beer and cookies from when you fed the band.

If you’re REALLY ambitious, and have a REALLY talented group, you can make an entire ‘concept album’ on the subject. What’s a ‘concept album’? Think The Who’s ‘Tommy’, or Boston’s ‘Third Stage’. Those are both good examples.

Rock on!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on November 17, 2011.

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