Your Own Personal Christmas Wonderland-Nirvana

First, let me start by saying that if you’re a Jehovah’s Witness, of the Jewish Faith, an Atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, of any other denomination, faith, or creed not mentioned, or a devout Christian who is upset that we’ve forgotten that Christmas is supposed to be about, that I mean no disrespect by the following post. It’s meant purely as a marketing idea based on the societal circumstances occurring or about to occur around us: And nothing more.

And now, the idea: The Christmas Scene. It seems that, over the years, the Chinese industrial complex has become extremely adept at figuring out ways for we here in America to have bigger and better, more interesting and complex, things to put on our house and lawn during this holiday season. And we’ve accepted it like a rich, dying, Uncle who also smells nice and secretly tells you that you’ve always been his favorite.

It used to be just a single-bulb, injection-molded Santa with a little wooden sign. Now, we can create a cacophony of sights and sounds in our own front yard that would rival Disneyland in the 50’s or a Discotheque in the 70’s.

For me, it’s all a bit much. But if you’ve got the hardware (or have been looking for an excuse to let that festive Elf out of you to run wild) then it might be a great way to ‘tie-in’ your business.

How? The easiest way is to develop a theme which is business-centered, but still allows for the Christmas theme to occur. Focus the activity, scene, or items in a way that draws attention to the business at the core of the display. Better still: if at all possible, have the display characters or scene actually depicting your business activity. Who wouldn’t want to see Elves doing Accounting, and Santa using QuickBooks? Heck, even >I< want to see that.

So be strategic, plan ahead, have your non-weird Uncle Fred paint up some plywood to fill in the blanks, and go nuts.

One word of warning, though: If I see baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Gaspar, Melchior, or Balthazar hawking anything personally in your display, you will receive a stern rap across the knuckles with a ruler. I might even go and find a nun who remembers me from High School for an assist. So: don’t do it.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on November 19, 2011.

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