Participating In Local Winter Festivals Is Your Ticket To Static Advertising Noteriety

A number of major and minor metropolitan areas have Christmas-specific events. For instance, where I live, we have a major international snow sculpting competition. Tied in with that, we also have a parallel event called, “The Festival of Lights”. It affords local businesses, individuals, and institutions the opportunity to create a scene or piece of lighted art of any sort to be viewed in a forested park at night. The host city sets it up so that you drive through the entire park on its one meandering roadway. Along the way, these scenes greet you and you (and your kids, more so) enjoy the experience.

I don’t specifically recall what the numbers are for visitors to the display, but suffice it to say it’s astronomical. Further, it draws individuals from not only the host city but, also, from surrounding areas and towns.

And this is where you come in: If you have something like this in your area, you could register to create a scene or sculpture of your own. I would recommend something that shows what your business does, is visually informative, and espouses your values. I realize that sounds great in concept: creating it in practice does take some thought, though, I’ll grant you.

So give it a try! It will take a few bucks, some time, and creativity. But you could opt to include employee’s in the production of the scene. Friends and family are usually looking for an excuse to hang out – so create one!

Whatever you do, keep it tasteful, keep in mind who you want to reach and – most of all – make it visually compelling.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on November 22, 2011.

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