Be A Cog In The Machine For Social Good

In my locale, we have several recurring, annual, charity drives. Most come up around the holidays, and most center around toys for local, underprivileged children. Others involve Veterans, the elderly, and probably more stuff I would know about if I paid more attention in my day to day life, or read those pamphlets Weird Uncle Pete keeps sending me.

The bottom line: Someone’s doing something about something, and making a difference. So they’re all good.

To the point: A number of these outreach programs are wide-spread, in order to have the highest impact. To do this, these organizations/programs enlist the assistance of local businesses as designated ‘drop sites’. And this is where your business comes in.

Now, if you don’t have a physical workspace, then this probably isn’t for you: you get the day off from this column, if you like. For the rest of you: I would encourage you to find a cause that parallels your views and beliefs, and subsequently contact the sponsor of said program to inquire how your business might become a drop site.

This does two things: It makes you feel good because you’re helping to enlarge the scope of the giving. It also gives your business positive exposure to potential customers/clients that might not otherwise know you exist. And a strong first impression is everything. They’re already there to participate in your benevolance – great! Now make sure you treat them like your #1 customer. Because, someday, they might be. Greet them, chat with them if they seem open to the idea. Most of all: Be Über-friendly.

Can’t find a program that you like? You could develop your own – there’s nothing wrong with that. BUT – if you do – YOU will be responsible for development, implementation, and promotion. If you’ve got the time, money, and energy – go for it. But for the rest of us, I would encourage participation alone. It’s still for social and community good – and it’s still totally worthwhile.

Good luck!


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