Game On!

Looking for a cheap way to reach potential clients all season long? Why not sponsor a sports team?

With the advent of budget cuts at many public schools, more and more children (and their parents) are seeking alternative outlets for all of that pent-up energy. And, since Scotch isn’t recommended for minors, they tend to lean more towards sports. And these sports need sponsors. And those players need jerseys: YOUR jerseys, with YOUR business information on them.

So, the kids get to play, the adults get to rest when the kids are worn out, and every single eyeball at every game – all season – will see your company’s information front and (possibly) center. And each week, a new team is typically played: Meaning a whole NEW set of eyeballs.

Or, how about adult teams? And – no – I don’t mean that kind, you weirdos. I mean pool leagues, dart leagues and – my personal favorite – bowling leagues!

If it’s a good fit for your business model, then do something that benefits kids growing up right, and also gets your business exposure that you might not otherwise have.

Game on!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on December 1, 2011.

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