Kill Your Spare Time… Creatively

Have some spare time? Too much spare time, perhaps? Like to write? Have an opinion? Congratulations! I have a weird marketing idea for you!

Let’s assume that you have a great deal of time on layovers, in waiting rooms, hotels – whatever. Often, you can make good use of that time – do that first. BUT – if you have more time than that, this will give you a new, free marketing outlet.

Many printed publications – newspapers, newsletters, magazines, specialty publications, and on and on have an open forum that allows readers to submit ideas, thoughts, comments, etc. The only requirement? It has to be relevant, and it has to be read by you to know that the option is there.

So you, as a newly minted, potential contributor, do the following:

– Check the publications you already receive for this option
– Inform everyone you know what you’re up to, and have them look for opportunities for you. It could be as simple as them calling you with the meat of the article and an address. Voila – you can now be a contributor.
– Be prepared to be creative

Once you find something that you can make a legitimate contribution to, begin crafting the letter. Make it clear, concise, and above all – relevant and poignant. This will allow you the best opportunity for publication. The trickiest part is working your business in to the body of the letter.

Send it off, and wait. Keep checking the column/area and hope they publish you.

Now – let’s assume they have. Congratulations! You just hit a bunch of new eyeballs! But we’re not done with your new-found sliver of fame. Now, you can see if a digital version of the publication is available. If it is, you can link to the commentary on your web or FaceBook site. It adds some depth and interest that you didn’t have before. If they don’t offer it in digital format that’s okay! Scan the article and, if you have the ability, the cover, and create a digitized graphic of the whole work so as to – again – publish your contribution.

It’s a simple – but time consuming – way to practice your writing skills, get noticed, and seem like your that much better than you were yesterday.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on December 2, 2011.

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