You’re Never Too Old – Or Too Young – To Consider Adoption

So, you’re driving along. It’s a sunny day. You’re on a country road. There are birds in the trees, the breeze is up, and life is good. Suddenly, something grabs your attention. It’s coming up on the passenger side of the road. Oh! It’s a blue/green/white/red/other colored sign! “I wonder what it says?” you say aloud, to no one in particular.

As you draw nearer (all while minding your driving, and doing the speed limit or less, of course) you come to the realization that the sign indicates that some good soul(s) has/have taken on the thankless task of making this drive just that much nicer for you today. How? They’ve adopted this road, in an effort to keep it neat and tidy (because there are a lot of jack-holes out there who never learned that specialized receptacles for waste do, in fact, exist). Their reward is this sign that lets the world know that said company cares about their community. Isn’t that a nice thing?

Personally – I think it is. When a large corporate empire does it, I just feel like they’re phoning it in by ‘asking’ their already (probably) oppressed employees to give up some of their free time to merit extra brownie points for a C.E.O. they will probably never meet. BUT – when a small, local, company or entity does it, I realize that it takes some actual effort on their part. And it tells me that – no matter what someone says – they actually care about their community.

Who knew a little sign could say so much to me?

Not only does it tell me this, but every time I drive by it, I am reminded of that business. It’s a branding dream come true. So, look to your local prefectures to find out if strategic avenues in the vicinity of your business are available. And – if they are – consider taking on the challenge! Can’t find one? Consider asking another participant to switch with you. The worst they can do is say no. Finally, if one IS available, but it isn’t a good locational fit, that still doesn’t mean that you can’t do it – or that you won’t benefit from it. You could tout your business as a ‘proud participant’ in this green movement, and would still gain cursory eyeball time. So don’t discredit it out of hand.

The world is a very ugly place, but with folks like you out there fighting tooth and nail to make it a better place, I won’t give up on it.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on December 21, 2011.

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