FourSquare: It’s More Than Just A Game

What if I told you that your customers could advertise for you – in real time? Don’t believe me? Well, you should, because it’s true! How, you ask? Allow me to introduce you to FourSquare.

FourSquare is a connectivity and locational tool that is interactively connected to FaceBook, as well as other social media services. It allows your customers to ‘check in’ at your place of business. This check in subsequently broadcasts to the pre-determined social media outlets that they have set it up for and – voila! – everyone who follows them, knows where they are (or where they’ve been.)

Cooler still? FourSquare allows you to ‘check’ for other facilities in the immediate area that allow for check-ins: and one of those could be yours!

Here’s a good example: Chili’s Restaurants allows you to check in when in their confines. As a thank you, they supply you with a coupon code that, when your server is advised of it, lands you a free order of chips and salsa. They’re willing to part with it to get you to let your friends know that you’re eating there.

Here are the potential results of this: Often times, friends will also be in the area, and come and join you for lunch. Other businesses in the vicinity are also recognized as check-in spots, offering premiums and promotions that are FourSquare-only. So, when you’re getting your chips and salsa, you will also find out that Office Depot across the lot has a special on chairs, and the PetSmart has a buy one get one free on goldfish. To me, it’s a pretty amazing tool for randomized marketing. And it works! Know how I know? Because even before I had a smart phone, my wife would let me know all of the above when we went to Chili’s.

Another bonus? FourSquare is F-R-E-E-free. So, if you have a storefront, you need to be accessable through this service.

The most frightening part? I know almost nothing about this service. That’s right: my homework consists of personally-experienced, anecdotal, information. Why am I telling you this? Because I decided that, on this post, I want participation! I want to hear your thoughts on this service: your experiences, successes, failures, and use of premium services encapsulated within the basic ones.

So speak up! When have I ever asked you for anything?*I want to hear you! Heck, I NEED to hear you – so tell your story, educate both myself, and the rest of us, and let’s see what we can get cooking this morning!

*(Seriously, I might have, but I really don’t remember. My memory kind of floats in and out.)


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