Be Vocal – Shop Local!

Remember the days of shopping local? Long before the advent of retail mega-chains, local chains, and  the Sears catalog, shopping local was the only way to get anything in real time (all right, some folks traded with peddlers, but I’m still counting that as local.) Today, shopping local is still a viable option, though more and more, it’s slowly trending toward extinction. It’s not dead yet and, with your help, it may just see a resurgence.

So why is shopping local important, and how does it tie in with Guerrilla Marketing? I’m ever so glad that you inquired! First and foremost, shopping local puts you in contact with a real person who knows about the store or product. Often, they are the individual who made the items, or ordered the items. Further, many local stores offer an amalgam of local wares under one roof, which further supports local artisans, crafts-persons, and cottage industries in your area.

That being said, engaging these individuals in conversation can not only give you more information about the product(s) or service(s) you desire to buy, they may also provide you a new, viable outlet for sales in your locale or region (i.e. – they may agree to sell your product for a cut of the profits). If nothing else, becoming a ‘regular’ of these venues, and befriending the owners or proprietors can get your business name out there.

For example: we at Digital Ninjas Media support local vendors. Not in every case, I’ll be honest, but in those which we feel that we may, we certainly do. Why? Because we get all of the aforementioned, as well as the opportunity to ‘cross pollenate’ by talking up our business. Sure, the vendor or owner may have no need of these services – BUT – if we strike a friendly chord, and reciprocate by sending business their way when we may, they may be so inclined as to do likewise to their customer base: A customer base who will be more often than not be local, and who will – often – befriend the owner or proprietor as well.

Sound confusing? It’s really not. I’m not in perfect form this morning, as I write this, so I might be explaining it in a less than stellar manner. But you get the drift, I hope.

So as the old adage says, “Be vocal – shop local!” It benefits your community, others within it, and possibly yourself as well!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on February 20, 2012.

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