Testify, Sisters & Brothers In Business!

Customer testimonials. At one time, they were far more meaningful than they are now. At least, that’s my opinion. With the advent of instantaneous feedback, their relevance has become somewhat more muted (again, my personal opinion.) Yet, that isn’t to say that they don’t have worth – or usefulness – in this day and age.

Every day in your business, you interact with clients. And every interaction is an opportunity for you, your product, or a coupling of the two to either wow them, force them into indifference, or royally cheese them off. Okay, there’s carrying degrees in there, but you get the idea.

Further, your physical store or sales space may also be a factor in swaying a positive reaction – you just never know what folks will latch on to, so be prepared for anything.

Before I go any further, remember this: Some feedback, no matter how awesome you are, will be negative. Why? Well, because you might not be on you’re a-game or, more likely, some folks are just jerks. It’s true.

For your purposes, it probably isn’t a good idea to allow the ‘Jerk’ or ‘Disaffected’ folks to be quoted. What is important about them, however, is how you handle them and what you do to try and bring them back into the other camp.

What we’re looking for, in this instance, are the folks who develop a passion for your products. Folks who love your store, love you, or can’t live without whatever you are selling. These are the folks you really want to focus on: the gushers of positive energy.

When you encounter one of these folks (and you’ll know it, believe me, because on the rare occasions when I am one, I will go all stupid and misty eyed over something I’m impressed with to the point of seeming irrational and high), take a moment to ask if they’d like for their voice to be heard. Specifically, provide them with an opportunity to write a testimonial. And, then, convince them how important it is you, and your business, so that they do not fail to follow through. Be prepared, though: Even the most well-meaning individuals will forget you – and your store or product – in the short term. Not intentionally, but because life throws more pressing things at them.

The Holy Grail of testimonials is gaining the favor of individuals who have some semblance of following or fame. Imagine how great it would be if, say, Rick Bayliss showed up at your Mexican restaurant, said he liked your food, and you convinced him to pose for a photo with you, while writing down – verbatim – a testimonial direct from his mouth. Develop the picture, hang it with the quotation beneath and, now, your restaurant just gained a ton of street cred and mouth-to-mouth acclaim. And all you had to do was be prepared.

In the end, every business is different. With this being so, it is still possible to make use of the testimonial – even if the means and method vary.

So start your collection today! You don’t have to use them all, but the more you gather, the more you’ll have to choose from – and exhibit for the world at large to see, and consider.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on August 17, 2012.

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