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Public Access Television programs: We’ve all seen them, usually as we surf around at four AM looking for something that isn’t an infomercial or home shopping to watch. If you haven’t, then… well pretend that you have, all right?

So how did those folks get on your television at four AM, anyway? Well, for starters, your local station needs to offer public access. If not, then you’re excused from this column until next time. If it does, it will be imperative to discuss the restrictions, rules, regulations, and specifics with a station representative, to discover whether or not you have an idea for a program that meets their criteria.

If you pass muster on this front, you’ve only just begun. Now, you have to develop an informative, interesting, and compelling program for the public at large to see. I would also recommend publicizing the bajeebers out of your upcoming endeavor on your website, social media outlets, and your physical store or show space. Maybe even provide reminder cards, or e-mails to your followers. Ideally, you have a few viewers who tell their friends after the first outing is complete and they, in turn, turn in the next time. Which brings up another point: if you’re only interested in doing a one-off, that’s fine, but it won’t be anywhere near as successful as a serial program. Plan accordingly, and well in advance, of any advertising that you do.

Whatever it is, be creative! Most television is simple minded pablum aimed at the lowest common denominator in a flurry of boobs and guns. This is okay, I guess, if this is your nice market. Me? In case you haven’t noticed, I like humor. Laughter, to me, is an equalizing force amongst all races and peoples. Getting a few chuckles, while being informative or interesting – in my opinion – leaves a far more lasting impression than the alternatives.

So, go forth, prepare, educate and dazzle! What have you got to lose?


~ by digitalninjasmedia on August 25, 2012.

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