Facebook & Blogs: 24-Hour, 365.25-Day, Venues

Many of us have experienced it: We craft what we feel to be a brilliant post in a Blog, Facebook group, or Facebook page, only to see it languish without a single response like a loquacious person on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Conversely, we can post the most inane, random things, and it somehow turns into a monstrous thread that ends in talk about pudding recipes and Weird Uncle Pete’s recent arrest.

Has any of you ever considered why this is? And, if you have, have you ever considered the old adage, “Timing is everything?”

If not, then consider this: Individuals who are on the web, or Facebook, are on when it’s convenient for them to be on. Just because you’re on at 3 A.M. while watching Monkey Polo on ESPN Nine and eating ice cream from the container, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. Likewise, your core demographic may not be on Sunday mornings, while your heathen-self is at home browsing Weird Uncle Pete‘s latest web shenanigans.

Still, there are ways to combat this. First – and foremost – take a look back at your better-response-producing threads. At what time did they occur? What day was it? Was it a holiday? Parsing out the data in such a manner should begin to reveal some semblance of a pattern.

Further, you can even do the unthinkable: ask for your users’ opinions. Just ask them when they’re on most, and begin compiling the data. If the folks who answer that they’re on in a certain time frame are mostly looky-loo’s, then change gears. You want to find out when the individuals you most wish to reach are around. This will give you the best chances of their reading, commenting, re-posting, or inviting their friends into the fold. This, in turn, will lead to growth and an expanded audience that you actually want to hear you.

Facebook also offers a number of quantification metrics on pages that are extremely helpful in this endeavor as well – so use them!

So do yourself a favor: be careful when you post! Save the ‘best stuff’ for the peak times, and leave the random musings about lint that looks like celebrities for those Sunday mornings when the tumbleweeds and crickets are more prolific.


~ by digitalninjasmedia on September 11, 2012.

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