The Envelope, Please!

I attended a Christmas party last night, held at a local upscale restaurant. The food, company, and setting were all quite nice. As the final round of dishware was being cleared, a waitress came around to all of the couples and individuals. From a basket on her arm, she handed each a sealed, red envelope. Aside from being festively printed, and intriguing, here is what the envelope read:

“Come back to <Restaurant> any time between <dates> and bring this envelope – unopened – to receive one of six secret prizes. … Envelope needs to be opened in front of your server to be valid.”

It then went on to list the prizes:
A $100 Gift Certificate
A $50 Gift Certificate
A Free Entree Up To $22
$15 Off Of Your Check
A Free Appetizer
$5 Off Of Your Check

Frankly? the food itself was enough to bring me back. But this addition? This was a stroke of pure genius. Consider how many folks will be swayed off of the fence, in the hopes of hitting the big one. You’re guaranteed something, as well. I like that idea.

While it may not sway everyone, it was such a unique and interesting idea I felt I could not avoid sharing it. It has all the hallmarks of a true guerrilla endeavor:

It offers incentive
It offers intrigue
It’s not hokey, like some ‘give-aways’ or ‘contests’
It’s straightforward
It had great presentation
The return on investment, on the whole, is phenomenal, if it succeeds as I believe it will

Congratulations to this establishment: it proves that guerrilla marketing is for every business, no matter the clientele, and can be done – and done well – when the proper facets are collectively applied. Well done!


~ by digitalninjasmedia on December 9, 2012.

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